Stefano De Luccia Lucena de Albuquerque, also known as Teco De Luccia was born in 1986 in the sprawling city of São Paulo, Brasil. His art forms of choice are painting, illustration and graffiti.

Like the city of São Paulo, overflowing with slices of many Brazilian cultures, De Luccia's art is influenced by a huge range of artistic styles and eras from classical painting including the likes of Caravaggio to modern day illustrations, cartoons, anime and street art.

For his first complete series of work "Raw Dreams" he used the wood of fallen ficus Benjamina trees* from the rainforests of Sao Paulo's coastline as a canvas. He exhibited these works twice in Sao Paulo and sold every piece. Those works are anchored in humour and influenced by his very early memories of drawing as a teenager particularly a project which 15 year old De Luccia named "Drawings with Absolutely No Meaning" where the headliners were called "Dead penguin on a fridge floating on an iceberg"  and "New waffles now way more amphibious".

De Luccia recently moved back to Berlin after an initial 3 year stint there back in 2013. He's focussing on a series of paintings that share a similar thread relating to dreams but that explores other areas of the subconscious with which we have less contact.

*Ficus Benjamina trees were chosen by De Luccia for his Raw Dreams
project because their roots are so strong and wandering that when they're planted inadvertently in Sao Paulo, they eventually destroy the confines of the sidewalks like an anarchic dream erupting into your consciousness.


Stressful Joy :: Solo show at Gallery ReTramp Berlin - 2018

Paingames :: Group Show at Gallery Schau Fenster Berlin - 2018 

Jacarépagua + Ocuparte :: Group Show at Galeria Casa Jacarépagua - 2017

StudioMob :: Group exhibition at Studio Mob - 2017

Graduation and awards

I graduated in Advertising and Propaganda in 2009. I’ve worked in the creative departments of agencies for 11 years always connected to the visual aspect of creativity as an Art Director and Designer. I was lucky enough to have received in this period all the most important awards in the area such as Cannes, D&AD, One Show, Art Directors club among others.