Exhibition 2021 / 2022 - Migraine heal. 

I’m right now working on my next series that will be exhibited in 2022. All the pieces are around the theme “Migraine”. I suffer fom those lil’ bastards for a really long time and this year I decided to make my ‘enemies’ in to my muses by paint, sculp and drawing them out. For now this page is just a mishmash of refences and images of the work in progress. Pretty soon I will post the final pieces.

2021 started with a 12-days-long headache. 
I started to take note on their frequency and the Headache Healing series started. 

Self Portrait with Migraine
Oil on Canvas
120x180 cm

Headache nø 11.
Oil on Canvas
120 x 180 cm

The classic signs.
I’m also producing a serie of prints mixing the bubbles-headaches with some beloved classic paintings. Each one represents a sign from an upcoming migraine.

This idea also generating a request to the South Korean goverment:

A cute litlle buddy that can inject Naratriptan directly into your brain whenever is needed :)

MishMash of images:


2021 — Kaos, Berlin